Home Cinema Imports

Many people think the best home theater equipment come from the United States and with brands like Stewart Filmscreen, JBL Synthesis, McIntosh, Transparent Audio and so many others - its easy to see why people think this however there are many who think the absolute best products in each home theater category come from overseas. Here is rock solid proof to make their argument on a per category basis.


Video Projectors

Video Screens

Blu-ray Players

Krassen Wilson

Media Servers

AV Receivers

AV Preamps


Power Amps




Overall home theater is a decidedly American luxury that then rest of the world has grown a strong taste for. While American companies make some of the elite best products in the consumer electronics and high end home theater world - Europe, Asia and many companies from Canada compete very nicely. Depending on exchange rates and product pricing - look for the best values of imported home theater electronics.